The following is a list of services and provision by Sellers, which are prohibited on the Metaworx Platform. Buyers are also prohibited from sourcing or encouraging the supply of such services. Any offers, advertisements or discovered communications by Users of Metaworx, can lead to immediate suspension or termination of their account. Under UK and other international laws, we are required to, and reserve the right to report certain violations to the appropriate Police/ Enforcement Agencies.

Fraudulent listings or offers of any illegal services which can include (but not exhaustive) the following:

A. Materials or service relating to the promotion of extremist political ideologies or religious fundamentalism, works or subjects that are offensive to religion, libellous or otherwise used to discriminate against, demean, harass, victimise or otherwise intimidate others.

B. Work aimed at encouraging or supplying unlawful narcotics, drugs or illegal substances, explosives or firearms,  services aimed at the XXX or adult market involving unlawful or extreme pornography, any services related to ‘deep-faking’ or ‘revenge porn’, stalking, impersonation or furtherance of fake news or conspiracy theories.

C. Any services connected to or aimed at activities of organised crime, terrorism and people trafficking, child abuse or exploitation or modern-day slavery, or any work that is deemed unlawful or a prohibited activity or service in the jurisdiction of the Buyer and Seller, whether separately or of the same location.

D. Spam or listings posted purely for the purpose of promoting another business, website or third-party service, or used as a redirection to take Users/ Visitors to Metaworx to an alternative provider.

E. The drafting or completion of any university/ college/ school-work, plagiarism or the deliberate infringement of any Trademarks, patents, Designs or Copyright belonging to another.

F. Work aimed at the supplying of artificial social media followers/likes or product/business reviews (or indications judged at our discretion) that the Seller has included artificial deliverables.

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