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United Kingdom
Delivery Time: Within 4 days
Max Revisions: 3

I can give up to 1 hour legal advice on situation or legal subject. Specialising in Employment law, Contract, Intellectual Property and Copyright, Reputation management, Defamation, Consumer Law, Family Law, business litigation, Trade Law and International Law. Your needs are put first at all times. 100% confidential. Please be aware that as a full time bona-fide legal practice, vat may be added at the appropriate amount to online sales.

Please note, that if documentation or paperwork needs to be reviewed, this Offer will not cover multiple documents or Court Bundles/ complex Leases. I have a separate offer for that. A full review and feedback on documents more than 10 pages has a fee of £150 – £250 depending on the length of the document/s. If you have any doubts on this then please contact me first. We reserve the right to decline any over complex reviews expected under this offer.

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